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The six most popular stories this week

  1. The Rotherham debacle: time to reform selections – Conrad Landin’s article from the night of the selection meeting whereparty members walked out in disgust at a shortlist of two. Now is the time, he argues, to reject NEC-imposed shortlists outright.
  2. Labour success spoilt once again by selection shenanigans – Michael Meacher comments on the same story, and reveals some interesting details of the selection process.
  3. Rotherham: let’s hope the price of control freakery isn’t too high – Jon Lansman puts the selection in its historical context, and says that though we must do our best to see Labour win the by-election, this has been a turning-point.
  4. “Hard-working families” and why we should be worried by Newspeak – Conrad Landin comments on the dangers of political language, even when it is at its most subtle.
  5. The LRC: more pragmatic but still too remote from Labour’s mainstream? – Jon Lansman reports back from the Labour left group’s annual conference. The focus must be on building a broader alliance on Labour’s centre and left, he argues.
  6. Tory website posing as “non-partisan” in dodgy attempt to fix PCC elections – Dominic Curran reveals a sinister twist to the campaign for votes in last Thursday’s election

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