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Daily Mail says 70% of Labour candidates have union links – inquiry demanded

Len McCluskey grimaceThe Daily Mail this morning fulminates about its finding that “70% of Labour candidates for 2015 election have links to unions.” Worse still, it finds that “more than half of those are affiliated to Unite, the giant Left-wing union which is targeting as many seats as possible to exert maximum influence over Ed Miliband.” All part of the conspiracy orchestrated by the diabolical general secretary of Unite to take over the Labour Party.

Hang on a minute. Only 70%? What about the other 30%? The Labour Party rules on all selections for public office (Chapter 5 Clause 1) are quite clear:

persons wishing to stand as a Labour candidate … where not otherwise prevented… shall also be a member of a trade union affiliated to the TUC or considered by the NEC as a bona fide trade union and contribute to the political fund of that union. Any exceptions to these conditions must be approved by the NEC.

Why has he not recruited the other 30% of Labour candidates to a trade union? Perhaps he should be expelled for infringing that rule too. We demand an inquiry.


  1. Johnreid says:

    For once I agree, who are the 30% who aren’t

  2. Robert says:

    I think I could name the ones, you would only need to pop over to Progress to find most of them.

  3. Johnreid says:

    Are there 80 m.p.s still in Progress. Lol

  4. Patrick Coates says:

    Depends on what election you are in, I have been in over 15 elections for Labour and am not in a Union.
    Also what comes first the CLP or the MP, 14 CLP’s in special measures, ALL with sitting Mp’s WHY, one of which is on this site.
    Do the press know what CLP means.

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