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Cameron is a housing benefit scrounger

Thanks to Hopi Sen for pointing out that David Cameron is himself a housing benefit scrounger.

David Cameron believes that housing claims of over £20,000 a year are unfair. He has a point. I can think of one benefits scrounger who has repeatedly claimed more than this, despite having a perfectly adequate home in London.

David Cameron Second Home Expenses: 2003-04:  £20,328, 2004-05:  £20,902; 2005-06:  £21,293.86; 2006-07:  £20,563.


  1. les says:

    This is childish – Labour really should get their act together!

  2. Jon Lansman says:

    And why is it childish to apply the standard he seeks to impose on the poor to himself in relation to his 2nd home when he has an extremely well paid job?

  3. In all this furore about housing benefit and welfare costs, the recent rumpus over MP’s expenses has been conveniently forgotten.

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