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Jeremy Corbyn and the new mainstream

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Tweeting earlier in response to Jeremy Corbyn’s conference speech, Ed Miliband observed that the centre ground had moved and was being shaped by Labour. Correct. The boasts about Labour being the mainstream have a solid foundation because, to be more exact, our party is one of two mainstreams. There’s the one we’ve seen Labour pander to […]

On climate change, the NDP’s Niki Ashton beats Corbyn

by Chris MacMackin.

While Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party have brought many improvements to party policy, much remains to be done. In particular, Corbyn has been weak on energy and climate policy. Although Labour’s election manifesto was widely interpreted to include energy nationalisation, in fact it promised no such thing. It pledged to bring the electricity […]

Anatomy of a Campaign: Interview with Alex Nunns, author of The Candidate

by Alex Nunns.

It has been an incredible few weeks for Jeremy Corbyn. Widely written-off by the political commentariat as a no-hoper when Theresa May called the snap election, he is now a prime minister in waiting, leader of the most popular party in Britain facing a weak and unstable government. The pace of political events make September […]

Labour and 21st century class politics

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

It’s taken me almost a week to write about Labour’s result, that’s how shocked I was. Just as that exit poll plunged millions of Labour supporters into gloomy depression in 2015, the one from last Thursday was an occasion of such jubilation that it will live on in the party’s collective memory forever. I know […]

Labour has a six-point lead against a weak minority government propped up by extremists – we just need another election 

by James Elliott.

The first poll after the General Election has put Labour ahead by six points, while Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn were tied on ‘who would make the best prime minister’. Survation, who along with YouGov were one of the closest pollsters to predicting the result, had Labour on 45% (+5), Conservatives on 39% (-3), Lib Dems […]

The Corbyn effect isn’t going away

by Mark Seddon.

This article first appeared in the Boston Globe in October 2016, reflecting Jeremy’s second leadership victory. We are republishing it in the wake of the General Election as a prescient analysis of the mistakes that his critics made in underestimating ‘the Corbyn effect’. The election of Jeremy Corbyn last month as leader of the Labour Party — […]

The election is over – now the real work continues.

by Kate Landin.

And these children that you spit on As they try to change their worlds Are immune to your consultations They’re quite aware of what they are going through… – David Bowie, Changes What have the last few days told us? Last year, during the second Labour leadership contest, I argued that we needed to give Jeremy […]

Why did so many pundits get the general election wrong?

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

What an amazing night. We’d had hints from the YouGov and Survation polls that things were going to be close, but even those who allowed a few meagre rays of hope into their hearts were haunted by the memories of so many times the pollsters were wrong. And not forgetting that a good chunk of […]

Jeremy Corbyn and the Left have been completely vindicated

by James Elliott.

The results of the General Election are in, and they represent a tremendous vindication of Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour left, who have insisted since he was put on the ballot two years ago that Labour can and would make gains running from the left, and that there is a route to power that doesn’t involve […]

The polls are inconclusive – but they do show a chance of a big upset tomorrow

by James Elliott.

The story of the General Election for the past few weeks has been twofold: the formerly insurmountable image of “Team May” with the Iron Lady 2.0 gradually stumbling from blunder to blunder, while an insurgent Corbyn slowly becoming that ‘people-powered movement’ we have been building for the past two years. That story has been reflected in a series […]

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