New polls put Jeremy Corbyn’s potential vote ahead of Ed Miliband’s 2015 result

Three new polls published over the weekend have shown Labour’s support climb to 31-2%, higher than the 30.4% Ed Miliband achieved in May 2015.

Two polls, from Opinium and ORB, had Labour’s support on 32%, while a third from YouGov had the party on 31%. In all three polls, the party trailed the Tories by double figures.

Given widespread predictions of a total collapse in the Labour vote, should Corbyn actually deliver more votes than Ed Miliband it would prove hugely embarrassing for those who have attacked him as ‘unelectable’ over the past two years.  Continue reading

If you think Ed Miliband was too leftwing you weren’t paying attention

Immigration mug squareIt is alarming how quickly the myth has taken hold that Ed Miliband lost the general election because he was too “leftwing. On the one hand, it might seem a reasonable guess at all the reasons for our failure. Miliband is, after all, the son of one of the 20th century’s most distinguished Marxist academics. But in reality, anyone who says that Labour’s policy positions under him represented a lurch to the left simply was not paying attention. Continue reading

Ed and the pledge stone

Ed with pledge stonessWhen you didn’t think the election could get weirder, it takes an even more bizarre turn – and it’s the red team that are at the centre of it. In case you’ve been doing something positive with your Sunday, such as knocking on doors, the media blizzard surrounding Labour’s latest stunt may have passed you by. This morning, Ed Miliband literally set the party’s six key promises in stone – by unveiling a policy monolith. Yes, a eight foot tall slab of rock was commissioned, and is set to be installed in the Downing Street garden should Labour make it over the finish line on Thursday. And if it doesn’t, it’ll make an interesting piece of political memorabilia for someone. Continue reading