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Our understaffed underfunded NHS is the result of government ideology

by Diane Abbott.

Jeremy Hunt had few answers from the barrage of cross bench concern this week’s parliamentary debates on the NHS funding and the impact of Brexit on the NHS. When asked what he was doing to ensure that the NHS gets the £350million a week that it was promised during the Leave referendum campaign, the Secretary […]

Ed Miliband got egged for not having the guts to stand up to austerity

by Ellie Mae OHagan.

Now that cuts are biting, people are desperate for an alternative, but Labour didn’t have the courage to provide it. Having eggs pelted at you seems almost a rite of passage for politicians, and if that’s the case Ed Miliband must be feeling pretty ministerial these days. Miliband fell victim to his second egging yesterday afternoon, […]

A dreadful spending review but Labour still has key lessons to learn

by Michael Meacher.

Toryism was out in its most naked colours yesterday. Osborne wants an additional £11.5bn spending cuts by 2015-6, and intends to get them by £5bn so-called efficiency savings (a hypocritical blanket cover for straightforward cuts), £2.6bn cuts to local authority budgets (already cut by 30-40% since 2010 for many Councils in the North), and £500m […]

Fairness in tough times: coping with 40% cuts to local government

by Alice Perry.

Yesterday the Tory-Lib Dem coalition once again slashed funding for local government. Disgracefully, the country’s most deprived communities are receiving the biggest cuts. My local authority has suffered another £20million a year cut. This £20million is in addition to the eye-watering £120million a year cuts we have already received. Basically, since 2010 our budget has […]

Osborne’s zombified spending review

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

When his pallid figure rose to address the House just after lunch time, there was no sign of the urbane, erotic charm characteristic of the intelligent, blood-sucking undead. Instead, what we got was a cadaverous chancellor devoid of all thought, save that of the decaying dogma that animates his being. This spending review, this budget […]

Legal aid reform will hit most vulnerable

by Jack Stuchbury.

The legal system of the United Kingdom has for years, been the envy of the world. The equality of law has been a benchmark for countries to aim towards that has entitled every man and woman in our borders to be bound by the same laws, equal representation under the law and the right to […]

Keogh & Lewisham point up ugly face of NHS marketisation

by Michael Meacher.

By coincidence two quite different processes are dramatising simultaneously the market shocks now being applied relentlessly to the NHS. Sir Bruce Keogh, the NHS clinical director, is demanding that hospital closures must be accepted in order to concentrate scarce specialist skills ‘for the good of the patient’. The buzzword for this latest upheaval is “reconfiguration”, […]

Cut Trident, not jobs, homes, and health

by Jeremy Corbyn.

This afternoon, the House of Commons debates Britain’s nuclear deterrent: Jeremy Corbyn puts the case against the replacement of Trident in the context of austerity. An incoming Labour government will be faced with massive expectations and demands of jobs for young people, increased health expenditure, huge demands on the benefits budget, student fees, and infrastructure […]

How is this avalanche of cuts really hitting the poor?

by Michael Meacher.

My own constituency, Oldham West, is one of the poorest in the country. How are they being affected by the cascade of cuts? Housing benefit cuts in April will particularly impact on pensioners, families on low incomes, disabled people (many already traumatised by Atos assessments of their alleged capability for work), the long-term sick , […]

Benefits, an increasing deficit and the obsession with cuts

by Michael Meacher.

Pace Andrew Mitchell, Osborne’s proposed £10bn benefit cut for poor families looks set to become the litmus test for the party conference season. It is almost incredible that Osborne should be demanding this when (i) £18bn is already being sliced from benefits, (ii) no increase in taxes at all is being proposed to fill the […]

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