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The Beckett Report debunks simplistic myths about why we lost in May 2015

by Andy Newman.

The recently published Beckett Report on the reasons for Labour’s defeat in the 2015 general election is both useful and persuasively argued. It provides a set of observations and reasoned conclusions which will help us to build for the next election, and put Jeremy Corbyn into 10 Downing Street. The report debunks some of the […]

‘Can Labour Win?’ Not if we follow Patrick Diamond’s advice

by James Elliott.

The dramatic leadership contest this summer has overshadowed Labour’s poor result in the General Election in May, but the war of ideas in explaining Labour’s defeat is still quietly raging. One of the latest explanations offered for this defeat – and a set of prescriptions for 2020 – comes from Oxford lecturer and former SpAd to […]

Cruddas didn’t investigate why people think what they think nor how we win them back

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

It’s been picked over already, but there are a couple of points that need picking up on re: the Jon Cruddas inquiry into why Labour lost. For him, the findings confirm that anti-austerity politics is spurned by the majority of those asked – the subtext being, of course, that Jeremy Corbyn’s course will sail the […]

The Cruddas review doesn’t undermine Corbyn – it shows an anti-cuts, pro-growth message can win

by Nathan Akehurst.

Our appetite for cuts is abstract. Ask the median voter if they support ‘balancing the books’, and of course – as Jon Cruddas’ independent review into Labour’s election loss points out – the answer will be a resounding ‘yes.’ The intuitive analogy of household budget and national economy has been honed by the Conservatives for […]

Key Labour targets: raise support from over 65s, raise turnout of under 35s

by Peter Rowlands.

Ipsos Mori have now published their findings on the recent election. However, it is I think worth highlighting some of these as they are of crucial importance in any consideration of Labour’s future electoral strategy. The information is broken down by gender, age, social class, housing tenure and ethnic group, by gender for age and social […]

Twelve things Labour members thought about the general election campaign

by Ann Black.

On 8 May I mailed Labour Party members asking for feedback on the campaign and thoughts on the way forward. I received hundreds of messages from all parts of the UK which I collated and passed to the Learning the Lessons Taskforce. The document runs to 231 pages and may be rather indigestible, so I […]

How grassroots activists can influence ‘what’s next for Labour?’

by David Pavett.

Reviewing what went wrong is a priority for all Labour members. Here David Pavett reports on how one constituency party approached the discussion One hundred and sixty (that’s the official count, I think there were more) people participated in a meeting titled What Next for Labour? in the hall attached to the George IV pub in […]

Labour needs to confront not appease the UKIP agenda

by Barry Gray.

In the wake of UKIP’s electoral advance, both at this year’s General Election and last year’s European Parliament election, the Labour Party has come under growing pressure, from inside and outside its own ranks, to adapt to UKIP’s anti-immigrant and English nationalist agenda. Backed by the right-wing media, the Blue Labour current within the party in […]

Labour is at a crossroads – socialism or austerity?

by Peter Rowlands.

Labour must understand why it did so badly in the election, as it is unlikely to be able to mount a successful campaign in the future if it doesn’t. Much has been written already, although we await a full analysis in terms of voting patterns and movement by age, class, gender etc., but from what […]

Ann Black’s report from Labour’s May executives

by Ann Black.

National Executive Committee meetings, May 2015 Ann Black reports on two meetings which have taken place this month. Special meeting 13 May 2015 This was a special meeting, called to agree procedures for choosing the next leader and deputy leader. The Chair Jim Kennedy welcomed Hilary Benn MP, who replaces Sadiq Khan, and Peter Willsman, returning to the […]

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