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Labour 6:1 in favour of a public railway, stronger unions and an end to austerity

BE BOLD LABOUREarlier this week we reported that, following Syriza‘s remarkable victory in Greece on a platform of ending austerity and greater state intervention in the economy, 15 Labour MPs including Michael Meacher had called for a similar change in direction here. They issued a statement calling for an alternative to austerity, for public ownership of the railways and for a return to collective bargaining and employment rights in the workplace.

Now LabourList have carried out a survey showing that 83% of their readers agree with that statement, with only 13% disagreeing. That is a remarkable result. LabourList themselves say:

This reflects a general trend among the public for renationalisation of the railways and, more recently, support for anti-austerity policies. The substantial support for such policies, arguably, reflects a desire from grassroots Labour activists to move towards the party’s traditional base – further to the left of the party currently stands.

This result reinforces what YouGov found about attitudes of Labour supporters and swing voters, who would prefer to see a Labour party that is anti-austerity, anti-war and anti-corporatist.


  1. Robert says:

    Labour list does have a number of Blair-rites and a few Tories sent over to make statements .

    But I voted for the state owned railways but of course labour would rather fumble around saying we want to have not for profits maybe . The simple fact Wales had a plan it was dropped after Miliband visit, now Scotland with a Blair-rite Progress leader comes out with a state funded railways how can anyone disagree .

    Blair’s lot would state the private sector have made a great job of running the railways so you can expect them to carry on with Thatcher ideals.

  2. Jeff says:

    There is actually a party espousing all those policies that is doing quite well at the moment.

  3. Jeff says:

    ……..and I think they are taking on new members.

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