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A budget to counter the Osborne wasteland

by Michael Meacher.

Yesterday I focused on Osborne’s overblown and hollow claims about recovery which will pervade his budget tomorrow, but today I propose to answer the obvious retort: so what would you do? First, the haemorrhaging of public service jobs should be ended.  Already 642,000 jobs have been cut from the public sector since 2010, and Osborne […]

That Tory recovery in perspective

by Michael Burke.

This week George Osborne will announce his latest Budget. The specific measures in this Budget were not published at the time of writing. But it is a fairly safe assumption that he will boast that the economy is on track, and that there is a recovery. This is simply an exercise in redefinition. The economy […]

Osborne’s recovery: fiction triumphant over fact

by Michael Meacher.

Osborne’s central pitch in Wednesday’s budget will be that the recovery is strengthening, the economy is coming along nicely, so don’t hand back the keys to the people who caused the mess in the first place. Each of those statements is questionable or wrong. But Labour have boxed themselves in by supporting the austerity line […]

The political vision of George Osborne

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

The Budget affords ambitious chancellors the chance to shine. Thus goes the common sense of the observers of Westminster’s murky intrigues. If true, might one expect fiscal pyrotechnics at the despatch box this week as George Osborne delivers his speech? After all, this is the long lead-in to a contest the Tories are widely expected […]

Cut better than the Tories? That’s not good enough, Labour!

by Michael Meacher.

You must give credit to Osborne – he’s a real street-wise barrow boy who knows how to concoct a story and then hammer it home with such chutzpah and if necessary aggression that his line becomes the accepted fact, when even a moment’s thought exposes it as nonsense. The line he’s put across is that […]

Four reasons Osborne’s “recovery” is futile

by Michael Meacher.

The government loves to tell us that in the last year the UK economy grew by 1.9%. Big deal after 6 years of stagnation! And hardly anything to write home about when the regular annual growth of the economy each year, not just 1 year in 6, used to be 2.5%. And, worst of all, […]

Osborne says gas bills will go down – but do we believe him?

by Michael Meacher.

George Osborne, ever anxious to shoot Labour’s fox, has attempted to counter Ed Miliband’s hugely popular call for a lengthy energy price freeze. He has proclaimed that the market can do better – by covering much of the country with shale gas drilling rigs. That will dramatically lower gas prices, as it has in the […]

Carney, protege of Osborne, struts his Goldman Sachs stuff

by Michael Meacher.

So Mark Carney, Bank of England Governor, thinks it wrong for the EU to demand a ‘crude’ bankers’ bonus cap of 200% of base salary, and also thinks it wrong to break up large banks in order to produce a more competitive industry. What a surprise! Carney is not an independent governor of the Bank […]

Osborne’s Grand Plan to ‘trap’ Labour over deficit can be easily derailed

by Michael Meacher.

Osborne loves to preen himself that he is clever enough to force Labour into a trap by which he can win the next election. His latest idea is that by announcing (as he did last Monday) that he will eliminate the structural deficit by 2020 and this will require a further £25bn of cuts on […]

Osborne’s hard truths for 2014 are likely to rebound on him

by Michael Meacher.

Osborne’s latest proposal to enforce a further £12bn social security cuts in addition to the £25bn already carried through or in the pipeline is not only grotesquely harsh, worse still it won’t work. His suggested mechanisms to secure such enormous savings have already been shown to fall laughably short of the objective: means-testing the 15,000 […]

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