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On Luke Akehurst’s charge sheet against Benn

by Duncan Hall.

I was not at all surprised to see an article on Labourlist, by Luke Akehurst, rehashing many of the old arguments about “the damage” that Tony Benn allegedly did to the Labour Party.  Akehurst presented a “charge sheet” against Benn (and, by implication at least, against Bennites). Every point on his “charge sheet” is – […]

For the Labour right, multilateral disarmament means no disarmament

by Daniel Blaney.

The last few days have seen a torrent of rearguard action from the Blairite faction Progress in defence of Trident replacement. A noticeable feature of these articles have been their lack of vision. Luke Akehurst reports that Labour has had a “settled view in favour of multilateral disarmament”.  However he is also quick to proclaim […]

The left are more realistic about the working class vote than some think

by Carl Packman.

Since the publication of Progress’ Class edition, and the polling that has been done through YouGov, there seems to be some confusion about how the left perceive the voting behaviour of working class people in Britain. Reading Luke Akehurst’s fair piece on LabourList, aside from the harsh reality-check that working class voters in this country […]

On invoking the Holocaust in defence of Progress

by Jon Lansman.

Labour’s right appears to be panicking. That is the charitable explanation. No sooner had Paul Kenny suggested at the GMB congress that he supported a move to “outlaw Progress as part of the Labour Party” than Progress activists started to talk of a “purge“: “Seems the purges are about to start in the Labour Party! […]

The thoughts of Chairman Luke (or why you should be careful who you vote for)

by Jon Lansman.

Regular visitors will be aware that there’s an election going on for Labour’s national executive. You’ll find details of Centre Left candidates here and, should you want them, of the right-wing candidates over at the Lord Sainsbury-funded party-within-a-party (Progress). As a result of candidates’ desire to appeal to the widest possible audience, you might have read […]

Luke Akehurst departs Planet Earth

by Jon Lansman.

I’ve found Luke Akehurst to be a friendly chap. He may be pretty sectarian in print and on the blogosphere, but as a leading light of the shadowy organisation, Labour First, he’s traditional Labour Right and at least seems to be at the right party unlike some of his Blairite friends in the Progress camp. […]

The Nuclear Phallus

by Darrell Goodliffe.

Luke Akehurst thinks Labour needs to take the side of ‘national security‘ in the debate around Trident renewal. I agree. However, Luke, like most proponents of nuclear weapons, is not on the side of national security. In fact, nuclear weapons, their existence and retention by all the ‘great powers’ (and some not so great) is […]

Blue will never be the new Red

by Andy Newman.

The “Blue Labour” agenda associated with Maurice Glasman has generated considerable discussion, and the recent interview with Progress shows that there is an element of iconoclasm from Glasman himself, where he expresses deliberately provocative positions, for example lamenting that the current generation of trade union leaders don’t match up to Sir Ken Jackson, or suggesting that […]

Blairite revisionism over Labour’s defeat must be challenged

by Owen Jones.

Narratives are clever political devices. You take a particular event, particularly one that has confused or traumatised people; and, before anyone else gets there first, stamp on a story explaining why it happened. Repeat it enough, pass it off as commonsense, and soon it will become received wisdom. You can then cleverly use it for […]

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