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Grangemouth, class aggression and the ‘national interest’

by Stephen Low.

It is in ‘the national interest’ that Grangemouth remain open say the Scottish Government, refusing to countenance closure. They are however seemingly content with the idea that this be accomplished by the Ineos workforce sacrificing wages, pensions, redundancy terms and shift allowances. The national interest is being defined as the continuation of production at the […]

The Labour-union link: the view from Scotland

by Dave Watson.

Ed Miliband’s dog whistle reaction to the Westminster bubble was not just a poor tactical response; it reflects the political elite’s failure to understand the wider Labour movement. It also has particular consequences for the Scottish Labour Party. For those outside the Westminster bubble there is bewilderment as to how Ed got himself into this […]

A radical alternative for Scotland with lessons for the rest of Britain

by Jon Lansman.

Featuring prominent trade unionists, politicians, political activists, academics and researchers, a book was published this week by Scottish Labour’s Red Paper Collective, focused on the constitutional debate, but with a wider application in the battle of ideas for a fairer Scotland. Class, Nation and Socialism, available now  at £7.99, takes an unashamedly class-based perspective, but has […]

Boundary changes for devo max: the Tory-SNP deal that may reshape the UK

by Mark Seddon.

For all of the miscalculations and cock-ups of the past two-and-a-half years, the Tory party, and David Cameron in particular, are as strategically focused as ever on winning power and holding on to it. Few will be surprised to learn, then, that Cameron is still determined to force through parliamentary boundary changes next year that […]

Glasgow scapegoated for Labour’s failure in Scotland

by Jim MacKechnie.

As Autumn 2011 saw Scotland preparing for this year’s local authority elections, party officials masterminded a massive cull of Glasgow City’s Labour councillors. Fifteen out of forty-seven sitting councillors were rejected for the panel of candidates. Another three were denied an interview as they had previously been placed under suspension – one for almost two […]

Sign of Labour recovery in Scotland

by Jon Lansman.

A poll for yesterday’s Scottish Times shows encouraging signs of a Labour recovery in Scotland. Although the Times (and other Scottish news media) lead on the poll’s findings in respect of independence and devolution (anti-independence, pro-devo-max which was also the most popular in a 3-way choice), the poll’s findings on Westminster voting intentions are rather […]

Where the real division lies

by Richard Leonard.

Politics is a choice between left and right – tackling inequality, injustice and poverty and a redistribution of power on the one hand or relying on trickle-down and the free market on the other. And the goals of the wider movement of which my own union GMB is proudly part have always been international. We are […]

Six things Labour should not say about Scottish independence

by Jon Lansman.

We’ve already argued that Unionism will not win back Scottish Labour voters. That unfortunately has not dissuaded Labour’s front bench in Westminster. It’s time then for specifics. It’s not just about the future of the Union. It is also about whether the SNP repeat their trouncing of Labour in local and Westminster elections.  YouGov yesterday showed […]

The animated debate on Scottish independence

by Jon Lansman.

Scottish independence, as seen from Taiwan. Marvelous. Watch out for the reference to the 700th anniversary of Mel Gibson’s death, and the Irn-bru powered starship. Hat-tip Bella Caledonia.

Unionism will not win back Scottish Labour voters

by Jon Lansman.

In the battle between Scotland and Westminster independence, win or lose, Alex Salmond speaks for Scotland. And speaking for Scotland is what has brought the SNP core Labour voters by the coachload in every Labour seat. Labour is out of power both sides of the border so the one thing of which we can be […]

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