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South American Left united as US aims for regime change in Venezuela

by Matt Willgress.

On 9 March, US President Barack Obama signed an executive order declaring “a national emergency with respect to the unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States posed by the situation in Venezuela” and imposed a further round of sanctions on the South American country. Following the introduction […]

US slaps sanctions on Venezuela as some fear right-wing destabilisation

by Matt Willgress.

In January, Venezuela’s progressive, elected President Nicolas Maduro warned that the right-wing opposition in the country is trying to create conditions which could lead to a coup, similar to the 2002 attempt to overthrow the late President Hugo Chavez. Destabilisation attempts have intensified following President Chávez’s death in 2013 – as the opposition believe that […]

The World Cup of our dreams

by Mark Perryman.

To drag ourselves away from the banalities of the Brazil 2014 TV studio punditariat Mark Perryman provides a World Cup reading list. The professionally cautious Roy Hodgson just couldn’t resist it could he? ‘England can win this World Cup’ he declares on the eve of the tournament. Not if Roy consults the match histories elegantly […]

Fantasy and reality in Guatemala

by Mike Phipps.

On 13 May, the Guatemalan Congress held a vote that can only be described as surreal. They voted to deny that genocide took place during the country’s civil war from 1960-1996, which left 250,00 people, mainly indigenous Mayans, dead or disappeared. The vote was apparently aimed at “national reconciliation”. Actually it was also meant to lessen the […]

Left win in El Salvador

by Mike Phipps.

El Salvador’s Supreme Electoral Tribunal has confirmed the election to the presidency of Salvador Sanchez Ceren, the left-wing candidate in March’s presidential election. Sanchez Ceren was the candidate of the progressive Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN), a former guerilla movement that became a political party in the early 1990s. He narrowly defeated Roman Quijano […]

Women’s statement against extreme, anti-democratic right-wing violence in Venezuela

by Newsdesk.

In recent weeks there has been a wave of violence from minority, extremist elements of the Venezuelan opposition following the launch of a campaign by the extreme right for La Salida (‘The Ousting’) of the elected government. In response to this, a large march of women recently took place calling for an end to the […]

Chávez still inspires us to change the world

by Matt Willgress.

As a misinformation war intensifies against Venezuela’s Bolivarian revolution we must never stop defending – and celebrating – the real legacy of the late Hugo Chávez. Last year, on this day, Venezuela’s president Chávez passed away at 58 years old. His death was felt around the world, representing a huge loss for all supporters of […]

Appeal launched against violent opposition to elected government of Venezuela

by Newsdesk.

The Guardian has today published a statement signed by a range of figures from across British society (see full text and list of signatories below) initiated by theVenezuela Solidarity Campaign deploring “the wave of violence from minority and extremist sections of Venezuela’s opposition.” Commenting on the continuing destabilization efforts of anti-democratic elements of the right-wing opposition, the statement […]

Showing solidarity with those building a better world

by Aaron Kiely.

Aaron Kiely previews the Latin America ¡Adelante! Conference 2013 taking place this Saturday (7 December) at Congress House. The Latin America is now in its 9th year, and offers a unique opportunity to hear all about the latest developments in the region. 40 years ago the democratically elected left-wing President of Chile, Salvador Allende, was brutally overthrown […]

Another stolen election in Honduras

by Mike Phipps.

Despite widespread allegations of massive fraud, Honduras’s Supreme Electoral Council declared ruling National Party leader Juan Orlando Hernández the winner in the country’s presidential election in November. The right wing National Party was adjudged to have defeated Libertad y Refundación (Libre) party candidate Xiomara Castro de Zelaya. Xiomara Castro challenged the official returns and claimed victory. She is the wife […]

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