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Opposing Trump can unite the left after Brexit

by Andy Newman.

David Frum’s article in The Atlantic “How to Build an Autocracy” not surprisingly gained a great deal of attention because of the all too plausible way that it highlighted how the constitutional checks and balances of the US political system can fail, if those whose job is to exercise those checks and balances instead find […]

Trump and Brexit are very different phenomena

by Bryan Gould.

One particularly welcome aspect of the House of Commons vote to pass the Bill to trigger the Article 50 process is the rebuff it represents to the relentless campaign, in some quarters, and in the Guardian in particular, to equate and conflate support for Brexit with support for Donald Trump.  Trump’s justified unpopularity – in […]

This is no ‘Project Fear’ – our Brexit economy is faltering

by Tom O Leary.

The UK economy has slowed since the Brexit vote. This is long before Brexit actually takes place, which will cause a further sharp deceleration in the economy and significantly lower living standards. The latest GDP data have been widely hailed as confounding the authors of ‘Project Fear’, including the former Chancellor George Osborne. His talk […]

Remainers risk being portrayed as enemies of democracy

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Taking a sneaky break from things Stoke-related, it’s time to cast an eye over last night’s Commons vote giving the government permission to trigger Article 50. Annoyingly, it is not the Tories who find themselves poisoned and split over Europe, like the Lexiters promised. It’s Labour. As the government won by 494 to 114, 47 […]

Brexit forecasting: Who’s to blame?

by Bryan Gould.

The Bank of England’s chief economist, Andrew Haldane, has had the good grace to admit that the Bank’s forecast of the likely economic consequences of Brexit – that consumption, employment, share values and economic activity in general would fall – was, at least in the short term, mistaken. The British economy, since the Brexit referendum, […]

Can you support Brexit from the Left?

by Bryan Gould.

Jeff Sparrow in the Guardian (2 January) allows a thoughtful article to be vitiated by an error familiar to all readers of that esteemed organ – a mindless lumping together of those who voted for Donald Trump on the one hand and for Brexit on the other, and branding them all as bigoted and racist. […]

Democracy is what’s missing

by Bryan Gould.

Simon Wren-Lewis, with whom I usually have little difficulty in agreeing, has published a blog in recent days in which he explains why, in his (and others’) views, it is impossible to play a full part in the global economy – in other words, to enjoy free trade – while maintaining the full powers of […]

The Dirty Politics of a Clean Brexit

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

We’re used to the Leave campaign lying. They made stuff up during the referendum campaign, and there’s no let up even during the Christmas holidays. Change Britain is a “cross-party” outfit active across all the main social media platforms, and it made a bit of a splash today with its report doubling down on the notorious and […]

What Lies Behind the Brexit Vote?

by Bryan Gould.

I am proud to be a sixth-generation New Zealander. But I am also gratefully aware of my British heritage. All eight of the families of my great grandparents came to New Zealand, from England, Scotland and Wales, and had settled here by the mid-nineteenth century. I had the pleasure of returning to the UK as […]

On Sleaford and North Hykeham

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Only two things have come out of Sleaford. Those mods (well, their name anyway) and predictions of imminent doom for the Labour Party. Yes, at the Sleaford and North Hykeham by-election, Labour failed to turn in a creditable performance. It dropped seven points, the Tories and kippers lost a couple apiece, and the LibDems surged past from nowhere […]

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