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Parliament should have power to force Duncan Smith to resign over WCA deaths

by Jon Lansman.

The report that in just over 2 years up to February last year no less than 2,380 disabled claimants died within 2 weeks of being assessed as fit for work and then having their benefit either reduced or stopped altogether, is beyond shocking. It is arguably the most damning statistic yet of the sheer callousness […]

Can Jeremy Corbyn manage Labour’s parliamentary party?

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Much has been made of Jeremy Corbyn’s assumed incapacity to hold the Parliamentary Labour Party together in the event of his Labour leadership victory. His views are out of step with Labour MPs, only a tiny number backed Jeremy’s nomination out of genuine conviction, and his hundreds of rebellions against the party whip place him […]

Cameron flooding the Lords prepares the way for its abolition

by Grahame Morris.

The House of Lords is beyond redemption. While recent scandals have brought this issue to the forefront of politics, the reality is that the Lords has been an outdated and defunct institution for over a century. At the last election Labour proposed to replace the Lords with an elected Senate representing the regions and nations of the […]

So Tory ministers lying to Parliament is now OK?

by Michael Meacher.

The revelation that British air crews have been engaged in bombing operations against ISIS in Syria for the last 10 months, in strict defiance of a Parliamentary vote two years ago prohibiting this, should be a matter where ministerial heads roll. The excuse given by the Prime Minister’s office that they were embedded with US […]

Kevin Macguire condemns hypocrisy of attacks on Corbyn

by Guest.

As nastiness breaks out in Labour’s leadership contest, Kevin Macguire in today’s Mirror has rightly condemned attacks on Kendal but also pointed out the hypocrisy of those who condemn these but show no restraint in launching personal attacks on Jeremy Corbyn:   

Why are Labour’s would-be leaders so right-wing?

by Bryan Gould.

Why does a Labour party whose proclaimed raison d’etre is to offer a brave and radical alternative to current orthodoxy throw up would-be leaders who are clearly so reluctant to rock the boat? These are, after all, people who no doubt entered politics with lofty intentions. They would have felt concern – even righteous anger […]

Governance deficit – the burning issue entirely absent from the Queen’s Speech

by Michael Meacher.

Three related things became apparent on the day of the Queen’s Speech which show what is seriously wrong in the running of this country, but which got not a peep in the government’s legislative programme. They all relate to the key issue of governance in each area where the deficit of accountability is greatest – […]

Labour’s new MPs call for party to ditch New Labour and oppose austerity

by Guest.

Ten newly-elected first-time Labour MPs this morning issued a call for the party to take on a bold anti-austerity agenda: Having arrived in Westminster as newly-elected Labour MPs after speaking to tens of thousands of voters during our election campaigns, we know how important it is for the future of our Party to move forward […]

How the election was won – smears, bogus ‘successes’ & the Left’s failure at rebuttal

by Bryan Gould.

Democracy is a messy and unpredictable business. The response to the British general election may well be to shrug one’s shoulders – and perhaps to enjoy the discomfort of all those pollsters and pundits who got it wrong. Perhaps the popular will is harder to read than we thought. Or perhaps not. Perhaps what we […]

Harman pre-empts return to shadow cabinet elections by announcing reshuffle

by Jon Lansman.

Harriet Harman has this morning announced a new Shadow Cabinet team before the first meeting of the new parliamentary party due this evening. She is, of course, entitled to do so according to the rules of the parliamentary party. These were amended four years ago at the request of the then leader, Ed Miliband, to […]

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