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Cap rents not benefits

by Jon Lansman.

Tony Blair was right. At least once. “Why don’t you tackle directly the excessive rents being charged by private landlords rather than making tenants the victim,” he wisely said when leader of the opposition. As the House of Lords are debating whether families should have their benefits capped at £26,000 per annum – regardless of how […]

Unilever – not as clean as it claims

by Jon Lansman.

This video reveals the truth behind the ‘dirty’ tactics being used to undermine the pensions of the Unilever workforce. Unilever workers in GMB, Unite and Usdaw are today on the third of ten days rolling strike action at Purfleet in Essex, Trafford Park in Manchester, Port Sunlight on Merseyside and Seacroft in Leeds in defence of their pension scheme. Amongst […]

The Pensions dispute and the way forward for trade unions

by Andrew Fisher.

The November 30 strikes saw unprecedented unity in the union movement but the speed of its collapse illustrates just how tenuous it was. Despite claims to have extracted significant concessions from the government, unions that sign up to the government’s offer are really guilty of selling short not only their members but millions more whose […]

Public pensions battle far from over

by Michael Meacher.

The Government saved the Ministerial statement on public pensions to the very last day of Parliament before Xmas – always a sign that the most contentious and unpopular business is being left to the point where it will get least attention. On this occasion, in the run-up to Xmas the mood is for settling, but […]

The case for fair pensions, public and private, and from the state

by Jon Lansman.

Trade unions are campaigning for fair pensions for all – across the public and private sectors, and including the state pensions. An excellent pamphlet, Fair pensions for all, setting out their case has now been published by PCS, the National Pensioners Convention, the National Union of Teachers, Unite, and the University and College Union.

Unilever workers strike to defend private sector pensions

by Andy Newman.

Usdaw says the first 24 hour strikes held at Unilever’s manufacturing sites in Leeds and Port Sunlight on 9th December were absolutely solid. Usdaw represents workers at Unilever’s manufacturing facilities at Port Sunlight in Wirral and Seacroft in Leeds. Members of GMB and Unite based at other Unilever facilities and sites located around the country are […]

On the strikes

by Owen Jones.

N30 not a one-off – it is the start

by Union News.

Left Futures coverage will be limited today because we are engaged in various activities in support of the strike but live coverage of today’s events can be found at Union News.

The case for the strike is overwhelming

by Michael Meacher.

Danny Alexander’s main argument is that lower and middle earners will be better off in retirement as a result of the Government’s improved proposals announced on 2nd November. But this is a sleight of hand. What he has done is calculate that if such an earner worked longer and retired later, he or she would […]

N30: trade unions only look dead

by David Osler.

Hardliners. Militants itching for a fight. Michael Gove is in no doubt about who is responsible for N30. Yet there are a couple of fundamental flaws with the education secretary’s assertion that those taking part in Wednesday’s  public sector stoppage are being manipulated by an unrepresentative clique of hard left union bosses.

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