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Extreme and dangerous Tory spending cuts

by Grahame Morris.

The Chancellor’s final budget was less than twenty hours old before Liberal Democrat Treasury ministers tried to disown it by presenting an alternative ‘yellow’ budget, before abusing parliamentary privilege to deliver it as a ministerial statement. However, no matter how many budgets the government presents none of them can hide from the fact that the Coalition […]

Meeting our future health challenges

by Grahame Morris.

The NHS will be at the heart and soul of Labour’s General Election campaign. We have lost five years, as the Coalition’s top down reorganisation has left the NHS unprepared to meet the health challenges of the 21st Century. The current NHS crisis is rooted in the Government’s decisions to make cuts to adult social care, […]

Woolf’s enforced resignation exposes Establishment & Home Office stitch-up

by Jon Lansman.

It’s not often I disagree with my colleague Tom Watson MP, but on the issue of Fiona Woolf being forced out of the chairmanship of the child sex abuse inquiry after a string of damning revelations I think he’s got it wrong. “Labour should not go after May”, he’s reported as saying. Of course he’s […]

Labour must outflank the SNP from the Left

by Neil Findlay.

This article was written prior to the resignation of Johann Lamont and is reposted here because it is a clear political statement by someone who many on the Left in Scotland would like to see as the next leader of Scottish Labour, and covers the same ground as Neil’s speech to the Campaign for Socialism conference […]

Mother and baby home scandal: rooted in creation of 2 conservative states in Ireland

by Gerry Adams.

From the USA to China, from Africa and India to Australia the story of how almost 800 babies and children died in the care of a religious order and the state were buried in a mass grave in Tuam County Galway has captured the media headlines for the last week. The mother and baby home […]

Health and care integration: right in principle but a challenge to deliver

by Dave Watson.

Health and care integration is right in principle but it will take more than moving the managerial deck chairs around to deliver quality care. I took a day away from the Scottish TUC congress in Dundee to make a day trip to Brighton to speak in panel discussion on health and care integration at the […]

Dumbing down in deference to austerity – Labour abstains on Care Bill vote

by Michael Meacher.

New Clause 9 on the Care Bill last night proposed that: “The Joint Care and Support Reform Programme Board must inform the Secretary of State by an annual written report that it is satisfied whether sufficient funding is in place to ensure that social care is adequately funded and that the provisions in the Act […]

Capitalism, Asperger’s and Autism

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

It’s common sense that the oppression of women, of black and minority ethnicities, of LGBT folk all have histories. Things change. The same is true of disabilities. People with some form of physical or mental impairment have been variously treated over the centuries. Incarceration, sterilisation, and extermination have all been visited on disabled people over […]

Labour parliamentary selection hopeful supports charging Dale Farm evictees

by Keith Wright.

We’ll forgive you if you haven’t heard of Elliott Adair. Parliamentary selections are plentiful at the moment, and one can’t possibly keep up with every single hopeful. Adair, however, is seeking the Labour candidacy in South Basildon and East Thurrock, contested at the last general election by then-Basildon MP Angela E. Smith. There’ll no doubt […]

On this day: Labour’s great rebellion against Churchill and its own leaders

by Jon Lansman.

Seventy years ago today, Labour MPs mounted the biggest rebellion of the second world war against the wartime coalition government’s reluctance to implement the Beveridge report. The overwhelming majority of the parliamentary Labour Party voted against its own leadership – coalition cabinet members Clement Attlee, Herbert Morrison and Ernie Bevin who had pleaded with them […]

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