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The grotesque chaos of Claire Kober’s Haringey

by David Osland.

The resignation of a council leader would normally be no biggie. I mean, I’m guessing entirely here, but presumably that happens in towns or cities across Britain several times a year, for one reason or another. These things usually merit a run of front pages in the local press, and perhaps a short mention or […]

Freedom of movement and the rights of labour: A reply to David Pavett 

by Don Flynn.

David Pavett’s attack on the newly-formed Labour Campaign for Free Movement wrongly argues that support for the right of migrants to freedom of movement is the same as support for the free movement of capital. The implication he draws from this association is that in curbing the right of people to move freely we would […]

The importance of trade for jobs

by Tom O Leary.

The Brexit negotiations are entering a decisive phase, with leading UK business organisations saying they will not invest and must consider whether they relocate if there is no agreement on a transition phase and there is clear progress on trade talks. For its part the Tory Cabinet is deferring any discussion on its key aims […]

Monday’s Yellow Pages at Conference 2017

by James Elliott.

Each year the Campaign for Labour Party Democracy, Left Futures and Labour Briefing (the magazine of the Labour Briefing Co-operative), produces a guide to conference called Yellow Pages. This guide aims to help delegates understand conference goings-on and point out which motions to support in order to best support Jeremy Corbyn and the policies he supports. Monday’s version of […]

NPF Report reviews – Work, Pensions and Equality

by Rory O'Kelly.

Serious discussions of Social Security policy start from a few fundamental questions. One is the balance between contributions and means-testing as a basis for entitlement, another the balance between vertical redistribution, from richer to poorer, and horizontal redistribution, between different stages in the life cycle. A third is the relationship between the social security welfare […]

Macron the Sun King – or the Louis who lost his head?

by Revolting Europe.

Emmanuel Macron’s surprise victory in France to potentially unchecked political power has invited comparisons with all powerful leaders of the Hexagon’s past. Is he the Sun King, the most supreme of all Europe’s absolute monarchs? Or perhaps like another King Louis, XVI, who faced a revolt of the masses and lost his head. After taking […]

Anatomy of a Campaign: Interview with Alex Nunns, author of The Candidate

by Alex Nunns.

It has been an incredible few weeks for Jeremy Corbyn. Widely written-off by the political commentariat as a no-hoper when Theresa May called the snap election, he is now a prime minister in waiting, leader of the most popular party in Britain facing a weak and unstable government. The pace of political events make September […]

Corbynism and the middle class

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

You have your hot takes, and you have your duff takes. There’s little doubt which category Daniel Allington’s latest lazy missive on Corbynism and the Labour Party falls into. His piece looks at the some features of Labour’s electoral performance that should be a cause of concern: that ethnically homogeneous (white) working class voters with […]

The election is over – now the real work continues.

by Kate Landin.

And these children that you spit on As they try to change their worlds Are immune to your consultations They’re quite aware of what they are going through… – David Bowie, Changes What have the last few days told us? Last year, during the second Labour leadership contest, I argued that we needed to give Jeremy […]

Who has eaten their humble pie?

by James Elliott.

Before this election, Jeremy Corbyn was subjected to such incredible levels of hostility from sections of the media that even David Dimbleby, along with a former chair of the BBC Trust, former BBC politics editor Nick Robinson and a BBC investigation into Laura Kuennsberg began to criticise his treatment by some journalists. The offices of […]

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