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The economic ‘recovery’ won’t hold till election next May

by Michael Meacher.

Fortunately for Osborne, Scotland is keeping the parlous state of the economy out of the news. UK manufacturing export orders have now turned negative for the first time in nearly 2 years, dimming any expectations that manufacturing and exports would lead the way in any upsurge. The immediate reasons blamed are the flagging Eurozone economy, […]

This is no time for Labour to play it safe

by Michael Meacher.

Should Labour aim to slide past the electoral finish-lines with (as one senior civil servant once said to me) ‘minimum exposure of flank’? Or should the party make clear what it really stands for today, and what its central objectives for government really are? The argument for the former is obviously that it entails fewer […]

Stupid empiricism and the Conservative Party

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

The Crosbyisation of politics. A phrase that hardly rolls off the tongue and is, therefore, unlikely to remain a fixture of the British political lexicon for long. But what it describes is true enough. Between now and May 2015, everything conceivable will be hauled out from their dirty tricks box and thrown in Labour’s path. So much […]

The next election’s not looking easy for the Tories

by Michael Meacher.

With 19 months to go, it’s hard to see how the Tories can pull off a win in May 2015. There are at least 6 reasons which argue strongly against it. First, though the polls currently are showing a Labour lead nationally of from O to 5%, the Labour lead in the marginals where the […]

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