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Ahmed Faraz case: when selling books equals ‘priming people for terrorism’

by David Osler.

Vincent Tabak often looked at online strangulation pornography prior to his murder of Joanna Yeates. Despite that, the operators of the websites that cater for this particularly repulsive fetish are not on trial as accomplices to murder. Nor is anyone suggesting that Christian retailers should be jailed for selling the Bible, even though twisted organisations […]

7/7 inquest exposes lack of MI5 accountability

by Michael Meacher.

Perhaps the most important finding in the inquest on the 7 July 2005 bombings was the revelation of how MI5, on the evidence of a senior MI5 officer, misled Parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC). This is the body that is supposed to exercise scrutiny and oversight of the security services, but what the inquest […]

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