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What is Cameron hiding over Megrahi?

by Michael Meacher.

Cameron’s refusal to hold a proper UK inquiry into the conviction of al-Megrahi for the Lockerbie atrocity on the grounds that “there was a proper process, a proper court proceeding” simply doesn’t stand up to even the slightest scrutiny. The most crucial evidence concerns the metal coatings and the circuit board of the timer fragment […]

Who was on that yacht off Corfu and why?

by Michael Meacher.

At a time when fixing the big international decisions are revealed yet again to have a highly personalised twist to them (witness the blackballing of Brown for the IMF job because of his personal antipathy towards Cameron-Osborne before the election, though fear of future IMF hostility towards the Tory cuts programme if Brown got the […]

Everything you’ve read about the Lockerbie saga is false

by Michael Meacher.

Not for the first time the Lockerbie narrative is being distorted out of all recognition for political ends, by the US-UK governments in the 1990s, by the UK Government and the Scottish Executive in 2009, and now by Cameron in his statement on Tuesday. Cameron’s line was that Labour “had done all it could to facilitate” the […]

Why the US Senate should question Tony Blair

by Mark Seddon.

Silence speaks volume. In the unmitigated disaster that is the Gulf of Mexico, two silent partners watch as BP endures a hurricane of criticism, Transocean and Haliburton, who it has been alleged are at least as complicit over the oil spill as the company that has been re-born in sections of the US media as […]

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