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Aberavon selection: Kinnock struggling in third place

by Jon Lansman.

Stephen Kinnock has been shortlisted in the selection to be Labour’s parliamentary candidate in Aberavon but is thought to be trailing in third place. The real contest, local sources say, is likely to be between current favourite, Progress member Jeremy Miles, and left-wing challenger, trade-union backed Mark Fisher. Members of Aberavon Labour Party will meet on […]

Aberavon: the MP’s staff and the financial incentive to select an establishment candidate

by Keith Wright.

Last week, we revealed that the office of Hywel Francis, the retiring Labour MP for Aberavon, had been doing its best to get Progress loyalist Jeremy Miles selected for the constituency at the next election. Phone calls had been made to party branch officers, we’d been told, in which it was said that his main […]

Aberavon selection: anyone but a working class candidate?

by Keith Wright.

What a difference a day makes! Yesterday, we questioned whether Stephen Kinnock, who sent his daughter to a Danish private school, was a suitable potential Labour MP. Since then, we’ve heard that Kinnock now stands little chance of winning the Aberavon constituency selection. His all-star strategy has backfired. Paying to opt-out of state education hasn’t […]

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