Government attack on job rights goes far wider than Beecroft

A lot of the damage to employment rights is done in the small print. Attention has focused almost exclusively around the ‘Beecroft-lite’ proposals that make it possible for employers to sack their workers without just cause in exchange for shares worth some £2,000. However there is a host of other, little-noted,  changes in this week’s Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill which will severely curtail workers’ rights. Continue reading

Adrian Beecroft highlights mindset of Tory right

Some of the £537,000 Adrian Beecroft has given to the Conservative Party in recent years came into his possession by lending out small sums of a few hundred pounds at rates of interest as high as 4,000% a year.

It’s probably fair to assume that among those who feel that they have little choice but to subject themselves to usury will be people that have lost their jobs and do not have recourse to more reasonable sources of credit than Continue reading