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Out of thin air – the (alleged) economic case for a third Heathrow runway

by Jeremy Smith.

When I last twice travelled directly to Guangzhou, by China Southern Airline out of Heathrow, the flight was nearly full. But not – by visual impression at least – full of thrusting British entrepreneurs keen to visit the most vibrant economic region of China, thanks to this direct link from Britain’s hub airport. More like […]

Boris Island is a non-starter at £50bn+, but is he wrong about hubs too?

by Michael Meacher.

The whole argument about another airport runway for London is based on the idea that the future lies with big national hubs, and of course Heathrow argues that on that basis the extra airport runway should obviously be provided for Heathrow. They argue that 70% of all long-haul services to and from Britain go to […]

Why the economic case for a third runway at Heathrow still won’t fly

by Ann Pettifor.

UK aviation makes up greater share of UK contribution to climate change than elsewhere. The world’s climate is changing rapidly (despite the army of powerful self-interested deniers), and we are experiencing more and more extreme weather events. Ironically, on the day the aviation industry launched a sophisticated, co-ordinated lobbying campaign for a third runway, scientists announced a record Arctic […]

Neither men nor mice need a bigger Heathrow

by David Osler.

Let’s not be hypocritical here; like most Londoners who go on holiday, take weekend breaks, and travel for work, I use Heathrow several times a year. But not when I can possibly avoid it, though. I vastly prefer Eurostar for meetings in Brussels and Paris, and as I live only a bus ride from Euston, […]

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