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Seize the moment, from the inside and out

by Laura Davison.

NUJ member LAURA DAVISON reviews a memoir from journalist and former Labour executive member Mark Seddon. What really makes this book is Mark Seddon’s ebullience, charm and good humour as he delves around in the seamy backside of national and international politics and journalism. It’s part travelogue, part journal, part sketchbook, the brilliant Martin Rowson […]

Revolution and the rise of Al Jazeera

by Mark Seddon.

Perhaps it was unintended, but two or three weeks ago, at the height of the protests that were gripping the great cities of Egypt, the director general of the BBC, Mark Thompson, appeared on the channel’s flagship current affairs programme, Newsnight, in London as part of a debate on the future of newsgathering, and mentioned […]

Thinking about our (internet) revolution!

by Mark Seddon.

When the late Idi Amin launched a successful coup attempt against the then President of Uganda, Milton Obote, he made sure that the latter was attending Commonwealth Conference, before sending key army units to secure the Presidential Palace, and key of course, the radio station. When years later supporters of Obote returned the favour and removed […]

Egypt Revolts: Al-Jazeera Reports

by Mark Seddon.

Back in the 1960s, those who argued for military intervention in Indo China would often refer to the “domino theory”. If one pro Western Government fell to the Communists, the domino would fall, taking the next one with it and so on. The shakiest domino, after the fall of Dien Bien Phu and France’s scuttle […]

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