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Cameron has got it wrong on the Algerian massacre

by Michael Meacher.

Cameron’s denunciation of the Algerian In Amenas gas plant terrorist attack as a “large and existential threat…which is global and will require a global response that will last decades” totally misunderstands, or totally misportrays, what has happened. It is not an existential threat, though the 3,000-strong jihadist group in Syria and Islamic militancy in Yemen […]

Libya: regret and reservations

by Michael Meacher.

The mood in the Commons was sober, worried, passive and resigned – not welcoming the dawn of a new era in the Middle East, but fearful that this could be the start of a third, long Western war against a Muslim state.  A bloodbath in Benghazi had been avoided in the nick of time, a […]

The West’s Faustian deal with Arab tyranny unravels

by Michael Meacher.

As Gadaffi totters and Saudi Arabia, the Big One, comes into the Arab revolution’s sights, the hypocrisy that has long held the Arab states in bondage is coming home to roost.   The West’s deal with the Arab dictators is coming unstuck, big time. Despite all the Western pretensions about democracy, women’s rights, cracking down on […]

Blair, Arab despots, and the ethical dimension of Britain’s foreign policy

by Jon Lansman.

It’s too easy to sneer at those photos of Blair and Gaddafi. It was far better to shake the hand of a despot than to bomb thousands of his country’s innocent inhabitants (though the credit for the rapprochement between Britain and Libya in the wake of the bombing of Pan Am flight 103 probably belongs […]

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