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Et tu, Brute

by Michael Meacher.

So even Alastair Darling has turned against Gordon Brown for the IMF job. But what is disturbing about all the jockeying and jostling now going on is the focus on the wrong criteria. This is not a position – ‘the world’s banker’ – to be decided on the basis of personality incompatibilities (Cameron-Brown) or on […]

Darling’s Deception and Disloyalty

by Ann Pettifor.

Bear the following in mind, those Labour Party members intending to vote for David Miliband. There is a story in the weekend papers planted by a “colleague” of one of David’s major backers: Alastair Darling.  We must assume that David intends to reward Alastair Darling for his support, by re-appointing him as Shadow Chancellor. If […]

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