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Time for Amazon to pay the living wage

by Conrad Landin.

As you might expect in the run-up to Christmas, Amazon has been back in the headlines. Not only do they avoid tax, but a BBC investigation found their workplace conditions were so bad that their employees ‘face increased risk of mental illness’. This was shortly followed by Carole Cadwalladr’s report from the coal-face in The […]

Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Starbucks owe £1bn tax, but pay only £33m

by Michael Meacher.

The banks and big business are making monkeys out of the government. Of the Big 4 technology giants, Apple (according to Sunday Times research) is estimated to have dodged £570m tax last year. Analysis of data filed by the company in the US suggests that the UK would normally account for one-tenth of Apple’s global […]

Osborne stokes the cancer of British politics

by Michael Meacher.

After unveiling an anti-tax avoidance deal with the Swiss two weeks ago, the day before the budget, with the self-righteous puff “I regard tax evasion as morally repugnant”, Osborne is now under pressure to backtrack fast. What he did not say is that the tax rate he negotiated with the Swiss authorities that would be […]

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