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As Hollande meets Merkel, when will Left in UK take on monetarists?

by Michael Meacher.

It is almost incredible that after failure upon failure the monetarists have still not yet been run out of town. Even after the decisive anti-austerity presidential election in France a week ago, the ejection of all austerity-accommodating parties in Greece, and now the drubbing of the German Conservatives in North-Rhine Westphalia, it seems the best […]

Osborne sticking to austerity: will the last one out turn off the light?

by Michael Meacher.

News that Merkel may well be about to exercise one of her skidding U-turns on growth doesn’t seem to have filtered through to our George. Even if he’s the last one in Europe, including dominatrix Merkel herself, to have accepted that austerity isn’t working and slumps require spending on jobs and growth, he’s not going […]

The postwar Europe project has failed – we need a new and very different one

by Jon Lansman.

The European political project has failed: what was conceived as a means of preserving peace has become, through the outlawing of an expansionary fiscal policy by the Merkel-Sarkozy pact, an instrument to create division, inequality and conflict. Like the Left is increasingly doing across Europe (and the public did some time before), we must reject it […]

The French goose and the Greek gander

by Ann Pettifor.

Inside the Eurozone, what’s good for the French democratic Goose it appears, is not necessarily applicable to the Greek democratic gander…. From the Financial Times of 13 February, 2012:

Cameron marginalises Britain for no gain at all

by Michael Meacher.

It is almost surreal that Cameron exercised his veto when (i) there had been no serious or detailed examination of EU financial services regulation at the point when he did so, (ii) financial services regulation was not a central issue on the agenda at all, and (iii) there had been no discussion on the real […]

Not much grand about this EU bargain

by Michael Meacher.

The praeternatural calm that has descended on the financial markets after Merkel-Sarkozy declared a ‘comprehensive’ bargain on Monday is unlikely to survive the Friday summit as the details sink in about what is involved, and even more about what is left out. Meanwhile back in Britain there is sound and fury from the Tory Right […]

The cost of Frau Merkel

by Michael Meacher.

There are basically two ways to resolve the Euro conundrum. One is the provision of Eurobonds, jointly provided by all the Eurozone members, to underwrite the debts of those Euro countries that get into big trouble through lack of competitiveness or for any other reason. The problem with this is that the Germans, now in […]

Merkel hoist on her own petard

by Michael Meacher.

It must surely be one of the great ironies of the Euro sovereign impasse that Germany is now the biggest obstacle blocking the solution it most craves. As it becomes increasingly demanded within the Eurozone that the obvious solution to continuing bond market turbulence is that the European Central Bank (ECB) should take on the […]

Tobin Tax: not quite the Fourth Reich

by David Osler.

I suppose it is a short step from accusing both Gordon Brown and David Cameron of wanting to ‘Sovietise’ Britain to proclaiming Angela Merkel guilty of stealing pages from the Hitler playbook. But it is analysis and insight of precisely this calibre, nuance and measured tone that has made rightwing commentator Simon Heffer the intellectual power […]

Athens: To big to fail

by Michael Meacher.

This weekend the Greek crisis is developing into the perfect storm. There are three immediate problems. Who covers for sovereign debt? Germany demanded that Greece’s private investors (banks, pension funds and insurance companies) should take a haircut, i.e. cover a proportion, perhaps a quarter, of the mooted €120bn second bailout through losses on their investments. […]

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