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Ann Black’s report from Labour’s June executive

by Ann Black.

National Executive Committee, 3 June 2014 The NEC congratulated newly-elected councillors and MEPs and thanked members, trade unions and party staff for their hard work. In July David Sparks will become Chair of the Local Government Association, as Labour is now the largest group, and he hoped to welcome Ed Miliband to their annual conference. […]

Ann Black’s report from Brighton

by Ann Black.

Conference has moved on from the days of pre-dawn NEC meetings, knife-edge votes on foundation hospitals and Iraq, lobbying by delegates and rushing through the scrum of microphones to the hall. The NEC no longer discusses resolutions, but waves them through regardless. So we met just twice during the week. On Saturday 21 September Ed […]

Ann Black’s report from Labour’s September executive

by Ann Black.

Ed Miliband said that annual conference would be an opportunity to show the real differences which a Labour government would bring to people’s lives.  He had started at the TUC by strongly attacking zero-hours contracts, and hoped we would be pleasantly surprised by the policies to be unveiled in Brighton.  Despite the rosy Cameron / […]

Key questions to consider when responding to the Collins review

by Ann Black.

Consultation on Ed Miliband’s ideas for party reform will run until 24 December. The much talked-of special conference will take place on 1 March 2014, in London.  Ray Collins’ interim report is has been available since conference here. We are now at the stage for further contributions and comments from members to be sent in. […]

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