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Arnie Graf’s campaigning vision: just another script?

by Keith Wright.

Arnie Graf wants a “relational” Labour party. The former “mentor” to Barack Obama, hired by Ed Miliband to reinvigorate the Labour grassroots has made it clear that political campaigning should be about more than winning votes. Labour must place itself at the forefront of community campaigns across the country, if it is to keep the […]

Can Labour revive its democracy?

by Conrad Landin.

All hail, Arnie Graf. Once again, the press are heralding a new “guru” for dear leader Ed Miliband. Graf, like Maurice “Blue Labour” Glasman before him, says he offers fresh ideas to make the Labour Party vibrant once more. His “community organising” and “Obama mentor” repertoire is ideal – here’s the man steeped in the […]

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