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Man Haron Monis: it’s not about Islam

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

What a sad end to the Sydney cafe siege. The gunman, one Man Haron Monis lies dead, but not before he murdered two others. Thankfully, incidents like this are quite rare in Western societies and when hostage taking does happen, it tends to either be a spur of the moment thing in the commission of […]

Ten reasons to NOT join a union (N.B. watch before you respond!!)

by Conrad Landin.

If you think the trade union movement doesn’t have a sense of humour, maybe you should head to Australia! This great video from Oz’s National Tertiary Education Union makes the case for NOT joining a union. The visuals get really good at number four: “you don’t mind being bullied at work!”

Australian “Gagging Law” thrown out by High Court

by Keith Ewing.

As the Transparency of Lobbying Bill – the more appropriately named Gagging Bill – continues its passage through the UK Parliament, Keith Ewing highlights how similar proposals introduced in New South Wales, Australia, have been overturned by its High Court. In an IER Briefing late last year, Keith commented on the human rights implications of the UK […]

Australia’s UKIP and the many incarnations of ‘One Nation’

by David Osler.

Not the least unfortunate precedent for Ed Miliband’s current attempt to rebrand Labour is the sorry saga of a 1990s wingnut populist outfit that also went by the moniker of One Nation. Its leader, a bigot called Pauline Hanson, occupied what was once a safe Labor seat during her thankfully brief spell in the Australian […]

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