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Côte d’Ivoire: another UN success

by Mark Seddon.

If anyone imagined that the act of intervention by itself is always enough for the United Nations to emerge unscathed, one only need to look at the chequered history of the various UN attempts to hold the line in post colonial Congo-Kinshasa, better known today as the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Ban Ki-moon, the UN, Libya – and getting it right

by Mark Seddon.

The other evening, I was asked onto a radio programme in order to criticise the international community for being slow, or downright useless, in responding to the Libyan uprising. What about Nato? What about the European Union? What about the United States – and what about the United Nations? All these questions and more, demanding […]

In Defence of Ban Ki-moon

by Mark Seddon.

There is at least one way of guaranteeing Western media interest in the United Nations; a leaked letter from a disgruntled former employee that attacks a “leaking culture” within the organisation, that heaps opprobrium on the Secretary General, Ban Ki moon, and is handed to a newspaper at the same time as it is sent […]

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