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We need an independent inquiry into the fraud, wrongdoing & ethics of British banks

by Ann Pettifor.

Following the gentle fines on Barclays Bank for its sustained manipulation of LIBOR interest rates, I have submitted an e-petition to government for a judicial public inquiry, which is already up on the government website and ready for signing – click here to access it. I hope that readers and followers who share my view that a full-scale […]

Tax lawyers make monkeys out of the government

by Michael Meacher.

As John McEnroe famously said at Wimbledon, ‘You cannot be serious?’ How can Osborne pretend he’s serious about saying ‘aggressive tax avoidance’ is ‘morally repugnant’ when a mere 2 weeks after his budget imposing a 15% stamp duty rate on tax avoiders who put expensive property in an offshore company (so that when they sell, […]

Another credit crunch looms

by Ann Pettifor.

The finance sector is signalling alarm, and our politicians are once again asleep at the wheel. Another “credit crunch” may be looming. The most significant evidence emerged from the ECB’s second Long Term Refinancing Operation (LTRO) on Thursday last week. The LTRO is simply language intended to disguise the “printing of money” by the ECB […]

Banks get £46bn in “too-big-to-fail” subsidy

by Newsdesk.

As the Vickers Commission prepares to launch their final report on Monday 12 September 2011, analysis by nef (the new economics foundation) quantifies the ‘too-big-too-fail’ subsidy for each of Britain’s ‘big five’ banks for the first time, and argues that the Commission’s proposals are too narrow to be effective.

Diamond trousers £6.5million

by Jon Lansman.

Bob Diamond, Chief Executive of Barclays plc, who told the Commons’ Treasury Select Committee in January that the time for bankers’ “remorse” over the collapse of the British banking system “was over”, has been awarded a bonus for 2010 of £6.5million, taking his total pay for the year to about £10million. The Wall Street Journal […]

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