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Victory at Stalingrad 70th Anniversary Night

by Newsdesk.

Saturday 2 February 2013. Celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the Red Army’s Victory at Stalingrad. “Balkan ska meets Ottoman punk in The Trans-Siberian’s infectious brass blow-out.” Time Out Headliners The Trans-Siberian March Band are a Balkan Brass band with a fearsome blend of two clarinets, two saxophones, three trumpets, two tubas, two trombones,guitar,vocals and two […]

Stalingrad 1942 : The hour of courage had struck the clock

by Mark Perryman.

We know what’s at stake and how great the foe’s power, And what is now coming to pass. The hour of courage has struck on the clock And our courage will hold to the last. The bullets can kill us, but cannot deter; Though our houses will fall, we shall remain. 13 September, 06.45, 1942 […]

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