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Mark Perryman’s Summer Book Review

by Mark Perryman.

Don’t burn the books A scorching hot list of summer political reading selected by Mark Perryman A year ago as Labour sought to recover from the May General Election defeat halls were starting to fill up for Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership campaign rallies. But even as the halls got bigger and the queues round the block longer […]

Is capitalism “mutating” into an infotech utopia?

by Ann Pettifor.

I was privileged to be invited by the St. Paul’s Institute to discuss (on the 3 November) the thesis in Paul Mason’s recent book Post Capitalism: A Guide to Our Future with a keynote speech from the author. Mason’s book is both a riveting and intellectually exhilarating read. It challenged me at a range of […]

Mark Perryman reviews the best of this summer’s sports books

by Mark Perryman.

English football’s Premiership, the best league in the world? The same four clubs, well give or take one perhaps, could be jotted down on a scrap of paper every August with a cast-iron guarantee they will fill the Champions League places, year in, year out. Tedium: it’s the brand value the Premiership has become past […]

Autumn books: beyond the froth

by Mark Perryman.

Mark Perryman of Philosophy Football picks out the best of the autumn sports books I’m sorry but you won’t find here the just-in-time-for Christmas sports autobiography blockbusters. With just enough manufactured controversy to ensure blanket coverage when they are launched. Even a skim read will reveal that on the contrary they tell the reader very […]

Autumn books: a breath of fresh air

by Mark Perryman.

Mark Perryman reviews an exceptionally strong list of autumn political reading This autumn has been dominated already by two lots of morbid symptoms. The unseemly sight of Labour Unionism cosying up to the Tories, Lib-Dems, the financial and media establishment in defence of the ancien regime. Accompanied by UKiP’s spectacular and seemingly irresistible rise, now […]

Red hot summer reading

by Mark Perryman.

Mark Perryman of Philosophy Football provides a beach reading round up for those who take their politics on holiday with them The silly season? For the Westminster bubble it would be hard to identify a month in the year when ‘silly’ isn’t too soft an epithet to describe what most MPs get up to, supposedly […]

Spring books into action!

by Mark Perryman.

MARK PERRYMAN from Philosophy Football reviews the best reading of the quarter. As the Thatcher funeral hoopla fades away and the focus shifts to the likely rout of the Con-Dems in the 2 May local elections the political landscape outside the Westminster bubble in the next few months is likely to be further shaped by […]

Book review for New Year’s revolutions

by Mark Perryman.

I have an old lefty badge somewhere ‘Books are Weapons’. Of course reading alone is never enough, did someone mention the point however is to change it? But we live in an era of unprecedented austerity, the urgent challenge that the threat of Climate Change should be posing almost all conventional definitions of growth, and […]

A Christmas books gift list for hopeful materialists

by Mark Perryman.

Philosophy Football’s Mark Perryman reviews the best left-wing books of 2012 for a hopeful materialist’s seasonal gift list. Christmas time, not much peace in large parts of the world, precious little goodwill for the 99% either. A time for turbo-driven commercialism to drive up retail’s footfall. Bah Humbug? Or if you prefer just put the […]

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