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British Gas is organising blackouts for 2017 to maximise its profits

by Michael Meacher.

Sam Laidlaw, chief executive of Centrica (ex-British Gas), has got a cheek. He has just announced that “we think by 2017-8 we’re going to see loadshedding (i.e. rolling blackouts) at certain times of day if you have nuclear or other outages”. He added that new generating capacity was essential if the UK is to avoid […]

One big reform that won’t be in the Budget

by Michael Meacher.

The energy market is one of Britain’s biggest scandals.   A report out yesterday finds the Big Six energy companies are ‘greedy’ and ‘bad’, according to the industry regulator Ofgem which says they profiteer and ruthlessly exploit the vulnerable.   As a result a fifth of all households are now in fuel poverty – having to spend more […]

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