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For the Tories, housing is just another market chip

by Michael Meacher.

A right to decent housing does not exist in the Tory lexicon. Three Tory measures in the last few weeks are now exposing the ruthlessness with which a rigged market is cutting swathes through the housing needs of all the most vulnerable groups within the population. First, housing benefit is being abolished for all persons […]

Is a Cinderella service tolerable for 3 million over 80?

by Michael Meacher.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission report ‘Close to Home’, published today, makes sober reading. Recent reports have all shown unacceptably poor and sinking standards for vulnerable people in care – in hospitals (Mid Staffs), in residential care (Southern Cross, Winterbourne), and now in domicilary care in their own homes (this EHRC report based on […]

Because elderly people lack political clout, social care is in crisis

by Michael Meacher.

If there’s one good thing about Southern Cross and Winterbourne View, it’s that they bring the scandal over care for the elderly to boiling point.   Yes, the depredations of uncontrolled private equity in both cases masking a killing out of the most vulnerable should now lead to regulation reining them in over social care – […]

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