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PFI contractor, Carillion, damned in report by NHS trust

by Andy Newman.

A damning NHS Trust report completely vindicates what GMB has said about Carillion since the union was first approached by staff in 2011. GMB, the union for staff at Carillion at Great Western PFI Hospital in Swindon, commented on the report considered on 25th September by the Board of the NHS Foundation Trust which details […]

GMB Members take Carillion Dispute to Bristol Southmead

by Andy Newman.

GMB members, in dispute with Carillion at Great Western PFI Hospital in Swindon since December 2011, today demonstrated at Southmead Hospital in Bristol over the on-going dispute and blacklisting by Carillion. 150 GMB members employed by Carillion at Swindon have taken 21 days of strike action over the persistent failure of the Carillion management to deal with evidence […]

Guardian Sustainable Business Awards honouring blacklist company

by Andy Newman.

Readers who have been following the saga of the saga of the GMB’s industrial campaign against Carillion at Swindon’s Great Western Hospital will know that the company failed to act for years while supervisors shook down staff for gold and cash in exchange for their employment rights.

Legal set back for Carillion over blacklisting

by Andy Newman.

The construction and services giant Carillion received a blow yesterday at the Employment Appeal Tribunal when Mr Justice Singh found that the case of blacklisted UCATT safety rep, Dave Smith, raised questions of wide public significance and therefore allowed an appeal in a two day contested hearing probably in spring or early summer. Frank Morris, […]

Blacklisting: the civil liberties scandal that grows and grows

by Andy Newman.

Saturday’s Daily Mirror reported the shocking fact that environmental campaigners have been listed alongside construction workers on the notorious blacklist illegally maintained by the Consulting Association, on behalf of big building firms like Carillion, Balfour Beatty and MacAlpines. Eco-warrior Tamsin Omond was kept under surveillance and put on a scandalous construction blacklist alongside thousands of workers. […]

First anniversary of GMB strike action against Carillion

by Andy Newman.

Today is the anniversary of the first of 22 days of strike action by GMB members at the Great Western Hospital (GWH) in Swindon, one of the earliest Private Finance Initiative (PFI) build and operate hospitals, and only the second opened by Carillion. This long running industrial dispute between the union and Carillion, over the […]

Blacklisters should be barred from public contracts

by Ian Lavery.

Ian Lavery’s speech in parliament on blacklisting (abridged from Hansard) The blacklisting of trade unionists is an unfair and insidious practice that involves the systematic compilation of information about individual trade unionists by their employers and recruiters in order to discriminate against them, although not just because they are members of trade unions. There are […]

Carilllion’s failure of corporate governance

by Andy Newman.

Today’s report in the Observer concerning the scandalous failure of care at the Surgicare centre in Hertfordshire, run by the services group Carillion, makes somber reading. Three deaths of patients who had been admitted for routine treatment prompted an independent report before Christmas, as the Observer recounts: the report also contained the admission that nurses […]

Ten years of Carillion putting profits before patients at PFI hospital

by Andy Newman.

This week marks the tenth anniversary of Swindon’s Great Western Hospital (GWH) opening in Swindon, one of the earliest Private Finance Initiative (PFI) build and operate hospitals, and only the second opened by Carillion. The anniversary was marked today by a dozen GMB shop stewards protesting outside, highlighting the long running industrial dispute between the union and […]

How the blacklisting scandal operated

by Andy Newman.

The evidence given to the Scottish Affairs Select Commitee by Ian Kerr, former Chief Officer of the Consulting Association, about the unlawful blacklisting activities of major construction firms has revealed on the dirty underside of bullying bosses, prepared to ruin the lives of thousands of workers. The Daily Mirror reports: A total of 44 building […]

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