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Showing solidarity with those building a better world

by Aaron Kiely.

Aaron Kiely previews the Latin America ¡Adelante! Conference 2013 taking place this Saturday (7 December) at Congress House. The Latin America is now in its 9th year, and offers a unique opportunity to hear all about the latest developments in the region. 40 years ago the democratically elected left-wing President of Chile, Salvador Allende, was brutally overthrown […]

Four ageing revolutionaries and a general note of unease

by Frances Docx.

29 years ago this month, Salvador Allende’s government in Chile was deposed by a military coup. Here, FRANCES DOCX reviews a novel discussing the legacy of this period in Latin American history. The Shadow of What We Were was difficult to digest. I was left with few absolute opinions and myriad questions. The novel has […]

Exorcising the ghost of Pinochet

by Mark Seddon.

By delicious irony, the local Member of Parliament for the impoverished Atacama region of Chile – which includes the doomed mine of San Jose – is none other Isabel Allende.  Allende is the daughter of the late President Salvador Allende, who put a revolver to his head in the final hours of the August 1973 […]

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