Why you should attend CLPD’s AGM

The Campaign for Labour Party Democracy (CLPD) will hold its Annual General Meeting at 11.30am (till approx 4.30pm with break for lunch) on Saturday 23 February at Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, in Central London.

Non-members are welcome to attend the meeting as participating observers.

This will be CLPD’s 40th AGM, and will be opened by Kelvin Hopkins, who is CLPD’s Parliamentary Labour Party liaison officer. The AGM will consider strategy and tactics for increasing Labour Party internal democracy in the forthcoming year, pass resolutions and elect the new executive committee. There will be a Labour Party National Executive Committee (NEC) report from Christine Shawcroft and CLPD secretary Pete Willsman will report on the organisation’s activities over the past 12 months.

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A Very British Coup

A Very British Coup, re-released on DVD next week, is a gripping story of what might have happened had a left-wing government been elected in Britain sometime in the 1980s. Based on the novel by Chris Mullin, until the last election MP for Sunderland South, it was adapted for TV by Alan Plater and starred Ray McNally as the working class politician from Sheffield who became Britain’s first seriously socialist PM.

The politics are those of the 1980s: cold war and class war, in a society in which working class politics has not been smashed by a decade of Thatcher. However, the element of political conspiracy seems, if anything, even more convincing than it did in the 1980s. Continue reading

Three cheers for a Con-Dem Cut

There will be rejoicing throughout the land as the axe falls today on the Ministerial limo.  No more will every minister have a car and driver on hand at their beck and call.  A car pool will have to do. And, now and again, public transport.

The credit, it seems, should go to my old friend, Chris Mullin, ex-Minister for Paperclips. Cameron told him some months ago that, having read his diaries, he intended to reform the Government Car Service. “The other day,” Chris tells me, “I had an email from a Tory member of the current Cabinet saying he has just instructed his junior ministers to read the diaries…I may not have had much influence over the last government, but I may have a little over this one.” Continue reading