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Labour demands answers into Trident nuclear test ‘misfire’

by Newsdesk.

Labour are demanding a “full explanation” of why Theresa May four times dodged the question of whether or not she knew about a calamitous failure on a Trident missile test last summer, just months before the House of Commons met to debate the controversial programme’s renewal. Andrew Marr asked Theresa May, “did you know the misfire of the […]

Trident: the establishment has a delusional approach to our role in the world

by Billy Hayes.

The CWU is proud to be affiliated to CND. We regard the struggle for a nuclear free world as essential for humanity’s survival. Your work gives us hope that we can secure our common future. Now, this year at the TUC, the CWU moved composite motion 2 on the economy. The general line of the […]

Walter Wolfgang: still speaking truth to power

by Laura Davison.

I’ve never met Walter Wolfgang. But, after reading this fascinating booklet by Carol Turner, perhaps I don’t need to. He seems to become a kind of symbol through its pages. Not least pictorially, as in the iconic image of the moment he was evicted from the Labour party conference of 2005 which adorns the front […]

Dear Ed…. Please let Labour vote on what to do about Trident

by Walter Wolfgang.

Dear Ed, Many thanks for your good wishes for my 90th birthday and all you are doing to convince the people of this country that Labour can provide a socially just alternative to coalition austerity. Many people realise that the coalition has failed but are not yet convinced that Labour has made up its own […]

Trident: government urged to consider the “real alternative”

by Newsdesk.

Today, the Cabinet Office office has launched a review document exploring alternatives to like-for-like replacement of Britain’s Trident nuclear weapons system. But anti-nuclear campaigner have been quick to point out that one viable option is not on the table: nuclear disarmament. The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament has launched an alternative document, entitled The Real Alternative: […]

Trident: Labour needs your views

by George McManus.

George McManus is a member of the National Policy Forum (NPF) from Yorkshire and the Humber region, and sits on it’s Global Role Commission. Here he explains why you need to tell your NPF reps your own views on Trident replacement which will discuss Trident before Annual Conference. In recent weeks, senior Labour figures have been […]

Iraq: Ten years on

by Kate Hudson.

As The Guardian editorial says today, ‘The judgment of those who took to the streets against the rush to war only looks wiser.’  Of course there is no joy in being right when the outcome was a desperate tragedy for so many people – and continues to this day. But one would like to think that those […]

For the Labour right, multilateral disarmament means no disarmament

by Daniel Blaney.

The last few days have seen a torrent of rearguard action from the Blairite faction Progress in defence of Trident replacement. A noticeable feature of these articles have been their lack of vision. Luke Akehurst reports that Labour has had a “settled view in favour of multilateral disarmament”.  However he is also quick to proclaim […]

Trident is draining money away from other areas of government expenditure

by Daniel Blaney.

In an article on LabourList, the Shadow Defence Minister Kevan Jones has adopted the mantra of ‘too far and too fast’ in relation to recently announced cuts to the Army.  He concluded his attack on government spending decisions by stating “recent decisions made by the Government will shape our ability to meet future strategic threats for […]

Sign up to not replacing Trident

by Daniel Blaney.

During the leadership election, Ed Miliband was questioned by Labour CND about Trident and its replacement. Unlike David Miliband, he responded.  Ed Miliband said: “We need to have a thorough examination of that decision [Trident Replacement] as part of the government’s strategic defence review. The review should look at the totality of our conventional and nuclear capabilities, considering both our defence […]

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