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Inspiration from the anonymous revolutionary, aged 16

by Jon Lansman.

If you need inspiration, try this. The words of published author (of The Anonymous Revolutionary) and blogger (on the themes of Marxism, communism, their significance and their relevance today) and Tweeter, Max Edwards, diagnosed with terminal cancer 5 months ago, aged 16, published yesterday in the Guardian. Readers of this blog won’t necessarily agree with every word […]

Karl Marx for Today

by Carl Packman.

On this very day, 130 years ago, Karl Marx died in his house in Chalk Farm Road, London. Shortly after the death of Jenny Marx, his wife, in late 1881, Marx developed a catarrh, making him very ill for at least the final 15 months of his life. What eventually came to kill the old […]

An age of revolt – in an age without a left

by Owen Jones.

I remember the exact moment when I realised that I was living in a different era from the politically tranquil times I grew up in. It was in a lecture theatre at University College London, a week or so after the 52,000-strong student march. An impromptu ‘what next?’ meeting had been called, and the room […]

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