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The spending review capitulation could cost Labour the election

by Peter Rowlands.

Labour’s acceptance of Tory spending plans for for the first year of the next parliament is a watershed moment, not least in its potential to cost the party a majority, and keep the current coalition in place. Why did the Labour leadership decide on this stance? Presumably because of a perception that those who still […]

Don’t trust an Osborne product: read the small print

by Michael Meacher.

Osborne’s spending review is a bewildering mixture of cash changes, inflation-adjusted comparisons and different time-periods in order to suit his political interests. Discounting this trickery is rewarding for getting at the truth. The real facts are that public borrowing is still expected to be at £96bn in 2015-6, which marks the death knell for all […]

Commons debate on Spending Review a farce

by Michael Meacher.

The Commons debate yesterday on the Spending Review, arguably the most important debate of the whole current 5-year Parliament, was a classic example of everything that’s wrong with the parliamentary process.   Both the Government and Opposition front-bench speakers went on far too long (50 minutes in each case) as a result of which the […]

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