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Ed Miliband needs to challenge the UKIP surge

by Carl Packman.

At the time of writing (15:47) UKIP has won 78 seats and is averaging 25% of the vote in the wards where it is standing. That is quite something. Not only is it making the Tories look stupid and the Liberal Democrats look irrelevant, it makes Labour look like they haven’t the nous to be […]

Can David Cameron ignore the Right of his party for much longer?

by Carl Packman.

A new set of results from a Guardian/ICM poll has found that the Conservatives would be more appealing to the electorate if they took more hardline positions on social affairs, which will come as a great disappointment both to the political left, as well as loyalists to David Cameron who take a more liberal stance […]

The left are more realistic about the working class vote than some think

by Carl Packman.

Since the publication of Progress’ Class edition, and the polling that has been done through YouGov, there seems to be some confusion about how the left perceive the voting behaviour of working class people in Britain. Reading Luke Akehurst’s fair piece on LabourList, aside from the harsh reality-check that working class voters in this country […]

Progressive Conservatism 2005-2012

by Carl Packman.

David Wooding, the political editor of The Sun, said during reports of the cabinet reshuffle that for him two things were at play: firstly moves were being made in order for the Tories to be more in touch with the public, and secondly Cameron wanted to temper the rabble on his backbenches. To be sure, […]

Do UKIP put the dash in the Tories’ “Pebbledash people”?

by Carl Packman.

During the 2001 election, which Tony Blair went on to win securing a second term, pollsters from ICM came up with the phrase “Pebbledash people” as the group the Tories had to woo in order for them to have a fighting chance of winning. They were married couples aged 35 to 50, white-collar workers and […]

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