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MPs support big reforms in way Parliament is run

by Michael Meacher.

Parliamentary procedure seems arcane and boring to most people, but actually it matters a lot because it largely determines what gets into legislation and what does not, and why so many of the changes the public wants to see happen get blocked.   For that reason it’s heartening to see signs that the old ways, which […]

It’s PR in the Lords, not AV, that could save the skins of Lib Dem MPs

by Jon Lansman.

Political Scrapbook today reports that Lib Dem losers — Elwyn Watkins, two-time loser in Oldham East, and soon-to-lose leader of Sheffield Council, Paul Scriven — are to be given “ermine parachutes” in the House of Lords. Many more ermine parachutes could of course be available to Lib Dem MPs who lose their seats when the […]

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