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Fall in construction output shows Osborne “recovery” has lost momentum

by Michael Meacher.

The latest economic figures revealing a shock fall in construction output of more than 1% between April and May this year are alarming, but might be brushed off as an isolated quirk if all the other evidence pointed the other way. But it doesn’t. The construction slowdown is matched by an unexpected slump in factory […]

Blacklisting may go well beyond construction industry

by Michael Meacher.

The most revealing fact about the construction industry blacklist as the High Court case gets under way against McAlpine and other building firms is that the ICO raid on the Droitwich offices of the Consulting Association (CA) in February 2009 only focused on 5-10% of the materials found there. This was stated recently by the […]

Mayday, Mayday! Another police corruption case – blacklisting

by Michael Meacher.

Theresa May is apparently minded to order a fresh public inquiry into the murder of Stephen Lawrence on the grounds that a secret Scotland Yard report questioning the conduct and integrity of a police chief involved in the Lawrence case was not given to the Macpherson inquiry in 1998. She is anxious that confidence in […]

Police state exposed over blacklisting

by Michael Meacher.

The exposure in yesterday’s Observer that the blacklisting of 3,200 construction workers via the building employers’ front body, the so-called Consulting Association which had previously been known about, was actively aided by the police and security services raises alarming questions about the rise of a police state in this country because this is only the […]

UK stagnation turns to risk of double-dip recession

by Michael Burke.

The Construction Products Association (CPA) is forecasting a ‘double-dip’ UK recession for the construction industry in 2012 and compares the latest slump to that of 10 years ago – the last Tory recession under Major when 600,000 construction industry jobs were lost. The CPA is well-placed to judge the near-term outlook as it comprises all the […]

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