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Is Corbynism a 21st century version of Bennism?

by Mark Perryman.

In an exclusive and edited extract from the new book The Corbyn Effect Mark Perryman argues there are similarities but important differences too. Alan Freeman in his 1982 book The Benn Heresy described the mood in the Labour Party while Jeremy Corbyn was getting ready to stand for the first time as Labour’s candidate for […]

Eternal Corbynism

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Long to reign over us? The decision of Labour’s National Executive Committee this week to lower the Labour leadership ballot threshold to 10% and set up a review into party democracy headed by Katy Clark is a welcome advance for Corbynism. Not only does Corbynism now stand a better chance of continuing after Jeremy, the extra […]

Look and learn from across the Atlantic – the Third Way is over

by David Osland.

Look and learn, not from across the Irish Sea as George Osborne once famously enjoined, but from over the Atlantic. Let even atheists among us pray that Hillary Clinton will secure a narrow victory over Donald Trump in the US presidential race this week. But that proposition looks far from certain; she may yet, God […]

Why the establishment doesn’t get Corbynism

by Phil Burton-Cartledge.

Spare a thought for the poor hacks paid to write about the Labour Party. Your job is to throw down boiler plate with a semi-original angle, while making a conscious effort not think about it unless you’re employed for that express purpose. Making matters trickier is that last year’s silly season saw every seam strip […]

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