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Who do these presumptuous Telegraph letter-writing businessmen think they are?

by Michael Meacher.

What does it matter what these 103 businessmen say who’ve signed the Telegraph letter? None of them wrote the letter – it was a party political stunt concocted by the Tory party to to get some cheap publicity in praise of themselves. But why does the Tory party think these names matter? It’s not as […]

If you think bankers are greedy and self-interested, you should meet fund managers

by Jon Lansman.

The latest incomes data shows bankers still getting obscenely high remuneration and whopping big bonuses, yet they are being overtaken by another group within the finance sector. Fund managers have now overtaken the pay and bonuses of bankers, though they’re keeping it very quiet. They say there’s no need for customers (i.e. the investing public) […]

Cut corporate welfare not people’s welfare

by Michael Meacher.

Corporate welfare has been estimated in a University of York social policy study to cost British taxpayers nearly £85bn a year. That is not far short of the current level of the entire budget deficit which is still £100bn. If industrial-scale corporate tax avoidance were added in to the corporate welfare state, the cost to […]

Ecclestone shouldn’t be able to bribe his way out of bribery – he should go to prison

by Michael Meacher.

It is shocking that Bernie Ecclestone could offer a £100m payment to walk free of a massive bribery case for which he was clearly guilty. He admitted he had given an official a £44m bribe in order to head off an investigation into his tax affairs, but when this is rumbled he gets away with […]

US-EU trade deal (TTIP) stalls over corporations suing governments

by Michael Meacher.

Until recently investor-State dispute settlement (ISDS) cases were rare. This is the provision that allows companies to take governments to international arbitration panels to seek compensation if they feel their investment has been harmed by government action. There has now been a surge in filings by companies taking an ever broader view of what constitutes […]

Russell Brand makes mincemeat of Paxo

by Newsdesk.

An impressive attack on the political class, inequality, corporate greed, environmental irresponsibility and much else by Russell Brand. Great stuff. Many readers may be irritated by the fact that he has never voted – is that an indication of an anti-politics stance? – but he certainly makes mincemeat of Paxman. Judge for yourself – watch […]

Goldman Sachs exposes the whole rotten investment bank ethos

by Michael Meacher.

Perhaps we should be grateful to Goldman Sachs. It is so brazen in its greed and ruthlessness that it exposes the ugly face of capitalism far more crudely than its detractors ever could. Now we have the resignation letter of one of its executive directors, Greg Smith, to confirm from the inside what Goldman is […]

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