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Corporate tax dodging is father of austerity

by Michael Meacher.

Industrial scale tax evasion and avoidance is not only symptomatic of the insatiable greed of the hyper-rich and the over-mighty corporations, it also serves another purpose which is much less recognised. The touchstone of the neoliberal ideology is globalisation – let the markets be all-powerful and governments get out of the way. That is served […]

The great Spanish corporate tax dodge

by Tom Gill.

Spain’s biggest companies have greatly increased their presence in tax havens, with the number of subsidiaries established in these tax-lite territories up 44% during 2013, the worst year in the country’s economic crisis. The IBEX35 companies upped the number of branches in tax havens from 561 to 810 during that year, new research finds. Financial […]

Cut corporate welfare not people’s welfare

by Michael Meacher.

Corporate welfare has been estimated in a University of York social policy study to cost British taxpayers nearly £85bn a year. That is not far short of the current level of the entire budget deficit which is still £100bn. If industrial-scale corporate tax avoidance were added in to the corporate welfare state, the cost to […]

Cameron’s brouhaha on corporate tax avoidance: but does he really mean it?

by Michael Meacher.

Given the government’s media blitz over the last few days you might be forgiven for thinking that Cameron was about to pull off a coup in cracking down on corporate tax avoidance at the G8. We shall see. This is a case where it pays to read the small print. Ostensibly he is trying: to […]

Labour is failing on tax avoidance

by Jon Lansman.

This week’s YouGov poll for the Sunday Times makes it very clear that Labour is failing to get a clear anti-tax avoidance message across to the public. In answer to the question “In general, do you think it is acceptable or unacceptable to LEGALLY avoid paying tax?”, 62% of people (72% of Labour voters) think it […]

Fact: the UK is a low tax economy for business

by Jon Lansman.

Accountancy Age reports this week that UK corporate taxes are lower than any other major European economy and, apart from Russia, the lowest in the G8. For years, business “leaders” like the CBI have claimed that “high corporation tax levels are forcing an increasing number of multi-national firms out of the UK“. Now that has been […]

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