Blacklist beaten – Frank Morris reinstated on Crossrail

Frank Morris reinstatedBlacklisted UNITE union shop steward Frank Morris is returning to work on the Crossrail project on 9 September. This is a massive victory, not just for UNITE but the whole of the trade union movement.

Frank Morris came to symbolise the struggle the unions are waging against the illegal blacklist of their members by major construction firms after he was dismissed last September. His reinstatement sends a message out: unions are back and we are ready to fight our corner if we have to. Continue reading

Pressure mounts on Cable to organise Levenson-style inquiry into blacklisting

Business Secretary Vince Cable faced mounting pressure from unions and politicians to investigate whether blacklisting is an ongoing practice in workplaces across Britain this week. The Scottish Affairs select committee last Friday requested he undertake a “thorough investigation” into the illegal practice.

Blacklisting was thought by many to be a thing of the past. However evidence submitted by construction union Unite details both historic and ongoing practices of blacklisting against union activists. Unite assistant general secretary Gail Cartmail says it is time for the government to launch “a Leveson style inquiry” into blacklisting in Britain: Continue reading